To deal with matters relating to the redressal of genuine and valid grievances of the students concerning all academic and examination related matters and suggest corrective measures.

To make a systematic enquiry into any written complaint lodged by any student regarding his/her continuous internal assessment or Final examination marks and suggests appropriate corrective actions.

The students are informed that there will be a Grievance Letter box in the General Library.

The letter of Grievance should contain the name, roll number, class of the student and should be duly signed with date. The letter of grievance may be handed over to the Convenor, in person or dropped in the grieance letterbox.

The convenor shall collect and number the letter serially, go through the letter and arrange for the reddressal of grievance of the students and report the same in the monthly meeting of Grievance Appeal Committee to be convened on the first Monday of every month. The Genuine Grievance will be properly redressed.