The Student Development Centre (SDC)'s programs are designed to ensure proper balance between three major areas of student development:




The mission of this counselling program is to prepare students to become capable, responsible, and contributing citizens. The program is designed to help all students develop their educational, social, emotional, career, and personal strengths. There is a commitment to maximize individual uniqueness and the development of human potential. The College Counselling Program is an integral part of the college's total educational program that assists "Students, Parents, and Educators" in an effective progression through different stages of college life and into adulthood.

Academic Development

Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge, aptitudes, and skills for effective learning in college and all through their life span.

Students will employ strategies to achieve success inside and outside the college.

Students will understand the relationship of academics to life at Work, life at Home and in the Society.

Career Development

Students will acquire the skills to develop knowledge of self (Self Awareness) and to make appropriate career decisions.

Students will learn the skills and techniques to achieve future career success and satisfaction.

Students will understand and appreciate the relationship between personal qualities, education, training, and work life.

Personal / Social Development

Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

Students will make decisions, solve tricky problems, set goals, and take action.

Students will be given training on Emotional Intelligence, Memory Techniques, Safety and Survival skills.

The Student Development Centre (SDC) offers one to one counselling, in addition to regular group counselling, training programs and seminars for students to get self awareness, life skills and overall development with positive mental health.

SDC strives to make Education and Learning an interesting activity for the youth.

SDC helps students to believe in themselves and face life's challenges with Courage and Confidence.

SDC imparts training to enhance students' Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Social Skills. Counselling is given to students who need help in coping up with day to day problems, different challenges, and physical as well mental trauma. The most common requirements like punctuality, regularity, concentration in studies, memory techniques, achieving higher grades in exams, adjustability, adaptability, coping skills, decision making, self assessment, self confidence, self esteem, assertiveness, Emotional Intelligence skills are fine tuned.

SDC helps to get rid of fear, anxiety, obsessions, depressions, suicidal ideation, and addictions of various types.

SDC imparts training on Inspiration, Motivation, Memory Management, Health and Hygiene Management, Anger and Stress Management.

SDC helps enhancing their skills in Relationship Management in personal life, family life, and social life.

SDC's ultimate goal is to facilitate overall Personality Development and Personality Enrichment for every student thus making them Happy and Successful in life.