There shall be examinations at the end of each Semester, for odd semester in the month of October / November and for even semester in the month of April / May.

A Student who does not pass the examination in any course(s) may be permitted to appear in such failed course(s) in the subsequent examinations to be held in October / November or April /May. However students who have arrears in Practicals shall be permitted to take their arrear Practical examinations in the respective semester.

A Student should get registered for the first semester examination, If registration is not possible owing to shortage of attendance beyond condonation limit / regulation prescribed or belated joining or on medical grounds, the students are permitted to move to the next semester. Such students shall re-do the missed semester after completion of the course.

PG students shall be required to take up Project Work and submit the Project Report during the second year. The Head of the Department shall allot the Guide who in turn will suggest the Project Work to the students. Two typed copies of the Project Report shall be submitted to the Department before the due date and one copy will be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations.

For the Project Report, the maximum marks will be 75 per cent and for the Viva-Voce 25 per cent (If in some programmes, if the project is equivalent to more than one course, the project marks would be in proportion to the number of equivalent courses). Each student shall be required to appear for Viva-Voce Examination (in defence of the Project only).

Each PG student shall appear for an intenship training during the vacation of II Semester for a minimum period of 15 days and shall submit the report to the controller of examinations. Each student is allotted 2 credit on submission of the report.


Students must have 75% of attendance in each part of the course of study to appear for the Examinations. Students who have 74% to 65% of attendance shall apply for condonation in the prescribed form with the prescribed fee and receive the permission orders to write the Exam. Students who have 65% to 50% of attendance must pay the prescribed condonation and get permission to write the Examinations in the next semester.Students who have below 50% of attendance are not eligible to appear for the examination. They shall re-do the semester(s) after completion of the course and appear for the Examination after securing required percentage of attendance.

Question Paper Pattern

Part A
Ten Questions (No choice) Two Questions from each Unit - 10 X 2 =20 marks

Part B
Five Questions out of Eight - 5x5 = 25 marks

Part c
Three Questions out of 5 questions, one from each unit (either or pattern) One Question from each Unit - 3 x 10 = 30 marks