The student will not indulge in any form of malpractice during C.I.A Tests, Model Examination and End Semester Examinations.

The student will be disqualified from the examination if he writes examination with Mobile Phone and keeping the same with or without knowledge of the invigilator.

The following punishments will be given to the students, when they indulge in malpractices in C.I.A test, Model Examination and Semester Examinations.
>> Possession of notes, books, bits of any incriminating material but not attempted to copy :- The particular examination paper will be cancelled.
>> oAttempting to copy from the material in possession and accepting the malpractice:- The particular paper and the subsequent papers will be cancelled
>> If a candidate repeats the malpractice in the next following semesters also, all the written examination of the particular will be cancelled.

For any other type of malpractice, the punishments will be decided by Examinations Disciplinary Committee.