Year Illustration
  • Janab Justice F. Badruddin Tyabji was elected as President, when Janab Justice Sir Abdur Rahim had to proceed England
  • Lord Pentland laid the foundation for the construction of Boddam Muslim Hostel in memory of the founder President Justice H.T. Boddam, in Singanna Naik Street, George Town on 12th April
  • Janab Justice Sir Abdur Rahim again elected the President of MEASI after his return from England
  • Boddam Muslim Hostel function with the grants from Government and the funds available from the Association
  • Janab Sir Mohamed Habibullah elected as President of MEASI
  • Janab Nawab C. Abdul Hakim Sahib elected as President of MEASI
  • Janab Sir Mohamed Usman Sahib elected as President
  • The Government of Madras Presidency gave statutory recognition to the MEASI and nominated representatives to the Senate of Madras University, Annamalai University and District Educational Council
  • Boddam Muslim Hostel celebrates its Silver Jubilee on 6th and 7th May
  • Janab Jamal Mohamed Sahib became the President
  • Association present a Memorandum to the Government of Madras, embodying all the needs of Muslims in the field of Education on 5th March
  • Association pass a resolution urging the Government for the appointment of Muslims on the Bench of Madras High Court, in the Department of Registration and as District Munsifs
  • Janab Hajee Azeem Sahib, elected as President and Janab Malang Ahmed Batch Sahib Hony. Secretary
  • Janab Khan Bahadur Jawad Hussain Sahib elected as President
  • Janab Malang Ahmed Batcha Sahib elected as President and Janab Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed Sahib as Hony. Secretary
  • Muhammadan Educational Association of Southern India renamed as Muslim Educational Association of Southern India- MEAS as per the order of the Government
  • The Government of Madras changes the name of the ‘Government Mohammadan College’ into 'Government Arts College' and abolishes the reservations to Muslim Students.Moulvi M. Nazir Hussain Sahib became the President