About the department

One of the premier biological sciences departments in the city distinguished for its quality of teaching, cutting-edge research and administration. The department offers programmes which provide holistic education, employability, entrepreneurial spirit and scientific temper to the most important stakeholders-students empowering them to become responsible and environmentally conscious citizens. ...

Brief history

Established as Natural Science Department- 1951

Started UG Programme in Zoology- 1959

Upgraded to PG- 1971

Commencement of Research- M.Phil.- 1981, Ph.D.- 1989

UGC – Career Oriented Programme – Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology from 2004 onwards


To achieve excellence through education and research relevant to local, regional, national and societal needs and foster scientific literacy, environment and social responsibility.


To create awareness among the students to understand and conserve animal diversity.

To impart quality education in the field of Zoology from basic to advanced levels, thereby enabling successful careers for students.

To train and empower students with requisite skills in modern concepts of technology for higher learning and global employability.

Programmes Offered

B.Sc. Advanced Zoology & Biotechnology

M.Sc. Zoology

M.Phil. Zoology

Ph.D. Zoology

Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

Job Opportunities


PG Teacher/Assistant Professor

E-learning/E-Publishing (Editorial Staff)

Scientist State/Central Departments

Optometrist/Medical Technologist

Curator/Zoologist at Zoological parks

Environmental Impact Assessment Personnel

Entrepreneur for Aquarium Fish Culture and Management

Research Associate in Pharma/Biotech/Bioinfomatics sectors


Till 2006 - University of Madras pattern

2007 - Autonomous system

2008 - Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

To develop skills in modern, cutting-edge and emerging areas of Life Sciences

Job Oriented and Industry relevant subjects

Wide ranging career options in Teaching, R&D, Health care, Zoological Parks, Aquaculture & Fisheries, Medical Informatics & Transcription, etc

Value Added Courses: Biocomposting and Ornamental Fish Culture


Dept. Library (No. of Books) : 2349 books

Internet facilities for staff and students : 12 Computers WiFi enabled

Total number of class rooms : 5

Class rooms with ICT facility : 1

Students laboratories : 4 (Labs cum Class rooms)

Research laboratories : 5

Animal Museum : 1


Seminar on Poultry farming – 2020

Seminar on Employment opportunities in Healthcare sector – 2020

Seminar on Animal nutrition – 2019

Workshop on Separation of Biomacromolecules (UGC Autonomous Grant) – 2019

Workshop on Clinical Laboratory Technology (UGC Autonomous Grant) – 2018

Seminar on Current trends in Life Sciences (UGC Autonomous Grant) – 2018

Advanced Trends in Zoological Research (UGC Autonomous Grant) – 2016

Research projects

Principal Investigator National/ Internationa Name of the Project Funding Agency Ongoing/Completed & Period Grants Received in Rs
Dr. M.Saiyad Musthafa National Estimation of site specific factor, mutation and dose response of natural radionuclides on aquatic biota from Kayamkulam Estuary, HBRA, Kerala-Eco-friendly remedial measures using Agro Waste DST-SERB Ongoing (2019-2022) 35,38,546/-
Dr. K. Altaff National Technology for production of indigeneous live feed and formulated feed for sustainable rearing of developmental stages of Gold fish (Carassius aruatus) and Koi carp (Cryprinus carpio) UGC Completed (2012- 2015) 11,00,008/-
Dr. K. Altaff National Diversity and taxonomy of phyto and zooplankton of freshwater bodies of Chennai, Tamilnadu with reference to ecosystem attributes UGC Completed (2014- 2016) Contingency Amount Rs. 50,000/-
Total Grants Received Rs. 46,89,346

Research Units

S.No Research Guide Name of the Unit
1 Dr. Abdus Saboor Unit of Ecology & Ecotechnology
2 Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Naveed Unit of Biodiversity & Ecology
3 Dr. M. Jamal Mohamed Unit of Aquaculture & Aquatic Toxicolog
4 Dr. M. Asrar Sheriff Unit of Applied Bioscience
5 Dr. M. Saiyad Musthafa Unit of Radiation Biology & Environmental Radioactivity


Field Trip to Research Institutions - Zoological Park, CMWSSB.

Educational Tour.

The Zoological Society: Interclass and Intercollegiate competitions.

Lecture Series by Eminent Scientists and Entrepreneurs.

Internship/Industrial Training – ZSI, CIBA.

Group project/Dissertation.

Medical Camp.

Environmental Awareness Campaigns.


Public & Community Service

Mr. P.M. Basheer, IAS- Secretary, Govt. of TN

Justice Subbiah- Judge Madras High Court

Mr. Muthahir Hussain- Asst. Commissioner of Police TN

Mr. Thangaraj- Chief Manager, Chennai Airport

Academics / Education

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail, D.Sc - Professor of Zoology, The New College and Advisor, Eco Science Research Foundation, Chennai.

Dr. K. Altaff – Emeritus Prof. of Zoology and Principal, The New College.

Dr. K. S. Radha- Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Miyazaki University, Japan

Dr. Jalaluddin Sheriff, Professor, BITS, Pilani Dubai

Scientists / R&D

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed- Director, National Cancer Institute, USA

Dr. K. Saleem- Scientist, National Institutes of Health, USA

Dr. G. Dharani- Scientist & Head, NIOT, Chennai

Corporate Service

Mr. Dhanabalan- Vice President, HR Allsec Technologies.

Mr. Suresh Pradeep, Vice President, HR, WIPRO


Dr. Sai Vijayadevan - Director, Huclin Research Limited, Chennai

Mr. R. Srinivasan- CEO, Poseidon Biotech, Chennai


Ph.D. Awarded - 82 candidates

DST-FIST - 2013 to 2018

UGC Vocational Grant - 2001 to 2006

UGC Career Oriented Programmes (2004) - Ongoing

University of Madras Rank holders for B.Sc. and M.Sc. - 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009

Total Research Publications (2016-2020) – 63

Major Research Projects funded-UGC, MoEF, AERB, ICAR, TNSCST, DST-SERB