About the department

One of the premier biological sciences departments in the city distinguished for its quality of teaching, cutting-edge research and administration. The department offers programmes which provide holistic education, employability, entrepreneurial spirit and scientific temper to the most important stakeholders-students empowering them to become responsible and environmentally conscious citizens. ...


To achieve excellence through education and research relevant to local, regional, national and societal needs and foster scientific literacy, environment and social responsibility.


To create awareness among the students to understand and conserve animal diversity.

To impart quality education in the field of Zoology from basic to advanced levels, thereby enabling successful careers for students.

To train and empower students with requisite skills in modern concepts of technology for higher learning and global employability.

Subject Relevance

Socioeconomic : Public Health & Hygiene

Entrepreneurship : Economic Zoology/Ornamental fish farming

Employability : Clinical Lab Technology, Aquaculture & Fishery Science

Teaching / Faculty : Teaching Methods in Zoology

Skill Development : Bio-Instrumentation & Soft Skills


Dept. Library (No. of Books) : 2349 books

Internet facilities for staff and students : 12 Computers WiFi enabled

Total number of class rooms : 5

Class rooms with ICT facility : 1

Students laboratories : 4 (Labs cum Class rooms)

Research laboratories : 5

Animal Museum : 1

Job Opportunities


Medical Representatives/Detailing

School Teacher

BPO/KPOs – Life Science Domain

Diagnostic Labs/Hospitals

Medical Transcription/Coding/Billing


PG Teacher/Assistant Professor

E-learning/E-Publishing (Editorial Staff)

Scientist State/Central Departments

Optometrist/Medical Technologist

Curator/Zoologist at Zoological parks

Environmental Impact Assessment Personnel

Entrepreneur for Aquarium Fish Culture and Management

Research Associate in Pharma/Biotech/Bioinfomatics sectors