NEST is the official environmental club of The New College. It acts as one of the extension activities wing of the college alongside NSS, NCC, Rotaract Club and YRC and provides opportunities for UG students to engage in environmental activities under the Extension Activities prescribed in the curriculum for which 2 credits are awarded. Though there are no prescribed credits for PG for environmental club activities, the PG students of the college are also encouraged to sign up and participate in the activities of the NEST. The aims of the NEST include spreading environmental awareness among students, adopting villages for green initiatives, keeping the campus clean and green, conducting annual environmental and energy audits, and preserving the bio-diversity in the college campus.

Objectives of the NEST

To enroll students and engage them in various environmental activities.

To spread the message of the importance of preserving the environment.

To create awareness about the Greenhouse effect and global warming.

Role of the Coordinator and the Members of the NEST

To propose green initiatives and to engage in conservation activities in the campus.

To conduct green, environmental, water and energy audits every year in the campus and to send

proposals to the Principal for remedial measures and other initiatives.

To develop indigenous technology for such activities as waste segregation and management.

Role of Students

To create and preserve gardens and other flora in the college campus.

To make surveys of the flora and fauna in the college campus every year.

To adopt villages for green initiatives like tree planting, and creating eco-village.

To measure and display pollution levels in the campus.

To promote alternative energy sources within and outside the campus.

To help the college in segregating / managing waste and e-waste.

To conduct various programmes to promote environmental awareness.

To celebrate various international and national days of importance related to environment with appropriate programmes.

Composition of NEST

NEST will be headed by a team of four young faculty members with less than 15 years of experience in the institution (one member each from Bio-technology, Botany, Chemistry and Zoology,) nominated by the respective Head of the Department. A member will serve the NEST for a period of two years. One of the members will be nominated as Coordinator of NEST by the Principal for a period of two years on a rotation of department basis. Members may be re-nominated subject to the condition that they have not completed 15 years of service in the institution. The NEST Coordinator is empowered to select one student as the Student Coordinator (on department rotation basis) for a period of one year. The coordinator may also appoint separate student coordinators for different activities of the NEST.

Regulation for Student Enrolment

Students from any I and II UG and I PG classes, irrespective of major subject, are eligible to enroll for NEST activities.

Students who have enrolled in other Extension services are not eligible to join NEST.

Every student member of the NEST is expected to plant/adopt at least one tree during their term as members of the NEST.

Last updated: February 2021.