About the Department

Growing media world has created the demand for skilled hands to adopt into new media scenario. The program focuses on providing students with an in-depth understanding of the audio and visual media, along with strong software backing. The course guides students through the nuances of conceptualization and scripting radio, radio jockey, video jockey and television programmes, production design, editing, CGI and the use of green matte. Electronic media journalism offers preparation for work in the electronic news field of reporting and news management. The Electronic media course helps prepare graduates for work in production at television stations, production and postproduction houses, and corporate production settings. Studio production courses are complemented with field production coursework.


To equips students with the understanding and skills essential for excellence in Electronic Media.

To equips students to become professionally empowered in the ever-changing world of media production.


To train the students in multimedia and emerging communication technologies.

To enlighten students to be aware of the media impact on culture and society, ethical and legal aspects of media profession.


To train students in the art and craft of Radio and TV Journalism.

To educate students about ethical practices in journalism and reporting.

To acquaint students with the best traditions and practices of Electronic Media.

To enhance the writing and visualization skills of students.

To familiarize students with the latest trends in the broadcast industry.

To provide hands-on training in audio-visual production techniques.

To expose students to new techniques of reporting/editing/production in Electronic Media.

To define opportunities for journalists in an era of new and emerging technologies.

To sensitize students to the challenges and responsibilities of Media Professionals.