About the Department

Bachelor of Arts in Defence and Strategic Studies degree generally includes all domestic and strategic issues that affect our national defence and security interests. The Course gives mature guidance regarding national security problems and potential to citizens of our country The subject of Defence Studies has also been included in the competitive examinations by the Public Service Commissions of the States of Tamilnadu, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttaranchal and many more and it is a good option for going for these Public Service exams. University Grants Commission and Ministry of Defence awards various scholarships for research projects and writing book.


To empower the students’ about the knowledge of India’s National Security dimension and various threats faced by India.


To inculcate Geopolitics and Military Geography, Science and Technology, Economics of Defence, Conflict Management and conflict resolution to the students of Defence and Strategic Studies.


To provide access to quality higher education in the field of defence & strategic studies.

To promote competence to address challenges in a fast changing world.

To encourage Students to choose their career in Uniformed Services like Army ,Navy, Air Force, Para Military Forces, Intelligence Services (IB), State Police Departments, Security Officers in Multinational Companies, Strategic Analysts , Security Advisors etc.