About the Department

The Department of Criminology and Police Administration was inaugurated in the year 2021 and provides quality and accessible education to students from diverse background and all layers of the society. The department offers Undergraduate Course in B. A. Criminology and Police Administration. The course seeks to inculcate knowledge on various aspects of Criminology such as Police Administration, Penology and Correctional Administration, Juvenile Justice, Cyber Crime, Forensic Science, Victimology, and Security Management through classes, special lectures, invited talks. Apart from the theoretical aspects, the students are taken on field visit to various Criminal Justice Agencies to have a practical knowledge and understanding about their functioning and role in Crime Prevention. The department seeks to enable students to critically think beyond Criminology and to address any social issue from a Criminological Perspective.


The Department of Criminology and Police Administration analogous to the vision of our college is committed to providing the quality instruction to Undergraduate students in the field of Criminology, its sub fields and support in nurturing criminological research, critical thinking and enhancing the existing Criminal Justice System.


To enable students gain theoretical knowledge on the various aspects of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Police Administration.

To enable students recognize the duty and functioning of various criminal justice agencies through practical field visits.

To act as a catalyst in instilling Criminological Research among students.

Courses Offered

Under Graduate Program – B.A Criminology and Police Administration (3 years).