About the Department

Banking system plays a pivotal role in the economic development of a country. In view of the new economic policy, the phenomenal growth has taken place in banking, finance and insurance sector in the country and across the globe. The banking, finance and insurance contribution to the development of Indian economy has brought out the need for the establishment of B.Com (Bank Management) as a separate department by the University of Madras. This course as per the demands of the student community was started in the year 1997 in The New College (Autonomous), in Shift II. ...

In the present scenario banker are leveraging knowledge and technology in offering improvised services to the customer. It has become imperative for bank employer to keep themselves updates with contemporary and latest set of skills and knowledge.

As the major provider of banking education, the syllabus for B.B.M. course was revised thoroughly with assistance of expert groups from time to time to make the contents pertinent to the modern trends.

The department endeavors to make the students acquire special set of skills in the world of banking and to prepare students for the competitive examinations being conducted by ‘Indian Institute of Banking and Personnel Services’.


Assiduously aspire to impart quality education to students in the domain of commerce with primary emphasis on the contemporary trends and developments in banking sector.

To eventually make the students competent and responsible citizens when they leave the portals of the institution.


To bring an all round development over the personality of the students.

To develop employability skills.

To develop emotional stability among the students in order to face the challenges of life with mental equanimity.


PO1: Students will exhibit the required competence appropriate to their respective field of study.

PO2: After completing their study in Commerce (B.Com) program, students would gain a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of Commerce and a deep understanding of all core papers.

PO3: The curriculum offers a number of specializations and opportunities for practical exposure which would equip the student to face challenges and harness opportunities in the domain of commerce.

PO4: The all-inclusive outlook of the course ensures that students are trained and prepared to immediately join the work force.

PO5: Students become eligible to pursue higher education in their respective fields.

PO6: Students will have good communication skills to put forward their views clearly and effectively in written and oral formats.

PO7: Students acquire the ability to work independently as well as in teams and apply basic ethical principles in all their pursuits.


PSO1: To exhibit progressive knowledge in the key areas of Commerce such as Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship and apply the methods of inference to practical situations.

PSO2: Problem Solving in a dynamic business environment by applying the principles and Practices.

PSO3: Career oriented and skill based opportunities in Banking, Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Marketing, Human Resource and other administrative departments.

PSO4: Recognize the roles and responsibilities of banker, entrepreneur, accountant, administrator and expert and exhibit high order thinking and proficient decision making while confronted with a Critical situation.

PSO5: To acquire the attributes of effective interaction, leadership, problem solving and adaptability in day to day business Affairs.

PSO6: To Obtain and apply the required knowledge and skills in Money and Banking, Foreign Exchange Management, Treasury Management, Entrepreneurial Development, Accountancy and Role of Technology in Banking.

PSO7: Display proficiency to undertake Banking competitive exams and other exams like CA, CS, ICWA etc.