About the Department

The Department of Historical Studies is one of the oldest departments in The New College, Chennai. The Department focuses on the diversity and complexities of human history in different regions and time. The study of history at The New College is exciting and self-motivating with our qualified faculty members who are specialised in various areas in historical studies. The department is active in organising guest lectures, symposiums and other academic activities. All students have the space to develop critical thinking, language skill and communication skill. ...

The Department has been offering B.A. programme in Shift-I from 1957 and M.A programme in Shift-II from 1996. It started PhD (Part-Time) programme in 2016. General courses cover themes in Indian History with special focus on Tamil Nadu, History of Europe, History of USA, West Asian Studies, and South Asian history. The Department offers variety of allied courses in Chennai Heritage, Human Rights, Journalism, Tourism, History for Competitive Exams, Current Events and Studies in State and Governance. 


The Department of Historical Studies trains students for critical thinking and writing history. It prepares students for extensive career opportunities by providing effective linguistic and communicative skills along with the advanced subject knowledge in history. 


The Department of Historical Studies prepares students:

to gain a broad understanding of global historical events over time and across regions
to conduct research with primary and secondary sources
to know the national heritage
to address current problems through historical outlook
to communicate effectively with the society

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