About the Department

The Department of Hindi was  established with  the inception of the College in 1951. The Department has been offering Foundation Course in Hindi for the undergraduate students of the college. Eminent professors like  Dr.Shaik Ishaq and Prof.Ramachandra Rao and Dr. D. Hussain Vali contributed significantly for the development of the Department. Under the banner of the Hindi Association, the Department conducts various competitions for the students of the college. Further, in spite of being a language Department, the Hindi departnebnt has been conducting special lectures, workshops, intercollegiate literary competitions and seminars for students. Towards research initiatives, faculty members of the department published research papers and guided part-time students from other institutions for M.Phil. and Ph.D. The Department started offering a Non-major Elective course in Basic Hindi for UG students pursuing other languages under Part I in the 2017-18 academic year. The department library has an exclusive collection of over 500 Hindi books for the use of foundation Hindi students.


To strengthen the national Integration by imparting knowledge of the national language, Hindi, and to equip the students for National level job opportunities.


To make students proficient and train them to face social challenges and to develop   Bi-lingual skill and inspire creativity in them.