About the Department

 Department of French was established in the year 1951, when the college laid its foundation. Since then, many versatile professors worked in the department. Currently three fully qualified professors are working in the department. Department is well equipped with ITC enabled classrooms and a department library with vast collection of French manuals, short stories, novels and children’s book.

 Aim of the courses offered by the department is to understand the nature of the French language and use it for the effective communication. It will also pave the way for further studies/job oriented courses in the target language. It also aims at the development of job-oriented skills for positions like French language specialist in companies or MNC’s.


Uphold the ethos of French language teaching and learning ardently which shall lead the students to pursue higher studies in French language or in other science subjects, which shall prepare the students to be global citizens and shall lead to one nation one globe ideology.


To understand the nature of the Language

To be able to use the language for effective communication

To pave the way for further studies / job oriented courses in the target language