About the Department

The Post Graduate Department of Arabic got affiliated from The University of Madras in the Year 1965. Moulana Abdul Wahab Bhukhari, the then Principal and a great scholar of Arabic, Persian and Urdu took over as the Head of Arabic Department. Dr.Syed Ali was appointed as Lecturer in Arabic....

Prof. Md.Yousuf Kokan, Department of Arabic University of Madras, Prof.Syed Azmathullah of History, Presidency College, Moulana Abdul Bari Hawi, Principal, Jamalia Arabic College and Prof. Syed Abdur Razack, Lecturer of History, University of Madras were taking M.A. Arabic Classes as visiting Professors. After retirement of Prof. Abdul Wahab Bukhari Sahib, Dr.Syed Ali became the Head.


          In 1982, the department got affiliation for B.A. Arabic Branch XII–J and the strength of students and staff increased considerably. The Department of Arabic had the privilege for receiving the visiting professors from world famous Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt: Prof. Abdur Rahman Ali Salim, Prof. Nazmi Abdul Badeeh Mohamed, Prof. Hassan Ali Tammam, Prof. Umar Amar Ibrahim, Prof Abdus Salam al Jawhari, Prof. Rajab Mujahid As Sha’ir.


   Dr. Syed Ali retired in 1993, as HoD and he has received the President Award from Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma (The former President of India) in the year 1996 for the services rendered towards the development of Arabic Language. Prof. N.Ahmed Basha took over as the Head of the Department. In 1996 & 1999, Department was elevated to Research level by getting recognition from the University of Madras leading to M.Phil.,Degree and Ph.D., Degree respectively. Dr.Syed Rahmathullah was the HoD between 2001 and 2003. Dr. Mohamed Sulaiman Umari served as HoD during 2003 -2004.  Dr.S.Abdul Maliq became HoD in 2004, and he also served as Principal of the college between 2012 & 2016. After his retirement, Dr.Z.Abdul Latheef has become HoD in June 2016 and he also served as Vice-Principal and he got his retirement in the year 2017. Then, Dr.Syed Imtiaz became HOD in June 2017 and retired in May 2021. Dr. N.M. Ahamed Ibrahim has taken charge as HOD from 01.06.2021.


     The department has organized several programmes, that include, seminars, workshops, guest lectures and special lectures of Arab delegates and renowned scholars since its inception.


Books : 5991

Journals & Magazines : 250

Journals & Magazines subscribed : 13

Teaching Materials in CD form : 48

Braille Quran : 06

Modernized Computer Lab

Computers (PCs) : 29

Printers : 02

Laptop : 01

LCD Projector : 01

Scanner : 01