Janab Imthiaz Pasha

I thank Almighty Allah (swt) for providing me this opportunity to be the President of MEASI and to serve our community. I must say that is a great blessing for me.

Alhamdulillah, all our institutions are doing well and have produced great results.

Our aims and objectives have always been student interest and are student driven. At all MEASI Institutions, we are united around a single goal – to create a positive and dynamic campus environment that promotes academic achievement and development of character. We want to make sure that every student is challenged and supported to develop the habits of citizenship, civility, integrity and compassion that will allow them to become well behaved and smart during their college years and beyond.

Our students, faculty, administrators and staff stand out for their commitment to academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, vibrancy and creative innovation.

This year, we witnessed record growth in applications in all our institutions and this shows the level of education and discipline we nurture in our campus.

We successfully recruited talented new faculty and will add several new staff positions in the coming year.

We are trying to find more ways and more resources to help talented students of all backgrounds to achieve their aspiration. Keeping in view the socio – economic and environmental challenges, in short, our target is to produce world class citizens who will be instruments of positive impact and will be developmental always.

I have full faith in the morale and productivity of my team members and I trust we will reach higher levels of excellence soon. InShaAllah – we will succeed

Janab Imthiaz Pasha
President, MEASI