Hony. Treasurer

Janab. M. Haja Najimuddin

The prime objective of the management has been to set up a good, disciplined and viable educational system for our community, particularly the weaker sections, both economically and academically, with total transparency in the conduct of financial and administrative functions of MEASI.

Making each institution a stand – alone financially stable and sound organization, with affordable fees for our community, and also providing essential infrastructure needed for imparting good education, has been a tough balancing task, but something that has to be done for both short term and long term stability.

Along with this, the introduction of updated financial accounting systems, with proper internal control and audit procedures, and very importantly ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements, both fiscal and educational, are going to be additional key focus areas during the current and the next year.

The current running financial year, In Sha Allah, will witness all institutions being able to fend for themselves, with sufficient provisions for infrastructure support.

Mr. M. Haja Najimuddin
Hony. Treasurer