Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Date Activity
19-Jun-2023 College Reopens after Summer Vacation
20-Jun-2023 College Council Meeting
22-Jun-2023 Notification - Students’ Union Election
23-Jun-2023 Notification - Students’ Union Election
27-Jun-2023 Election - Students’ Union Election
28-Jun-2023 Holiday - Arafa Day
29-Jun-2023 Holiday - Eid-Ul-Adha
02-Jul-2023 College Founders’ Day
03-Jul-2023 Reopening for I Year UG
04-Jul-2023 Deeksharambh - Students’ Induction Programme (SIP)
05-Jul-2023 Deeksharambh - Students’ Induction Programme (SIP)
06-Jul-2023 Deeksharambh - Students’ Induction Programme (SIP)
07-Jul-2023 Deeksharambh - Students’ Induction Programme (SIP)
08-Jul-2023 Deeksharambh - Students’ Induction Programme (SIP)
10-Jul-2023 Deeksharambh - Students’ Induction Programme (SIP)
29-Jul-2023 Muharam - Holiday
07-Aug-2023 CIA EXAM - I BEGINS
11-Aug-2023 Online Fee Payment for ESE Opens
15-Aug-2023 Independence Day - Holiday
25-Aug-2023 Last day to pay Exam Fees with fine
02-Sept-2023 Open Day
05-Sept-2023 Teachers’ Day
06-Sept-2023 Krishna Jayanti - Holiday
11-Sept-2023 Late date to pay Exam Fees with fine & CIA-2 Begins
19-Sept-2023 Vinayaka Chathurthi - Holiday
28-Sept-2023 Meelad-Un Nabi - Holiday
16-Oct-2023 Practical Exam Begins
17-Oct-2023 Submission of CIA Marks
23-Oct-2023 Ayutha Pooja - Holiday
24-Oct-2023 Vijaya Dasmi - Holiday
30-Oct-2023 End Semester Exam - Part IV Begins
31-Oct-2023 Last Working Day
03-Nov-2023 End Semester Examination - Part - I, II & III Begins
12-Nov-2023 Deepavali
16-Nov-2023 End Semester Examination Valuation Camp Begins
22-Nov-2023 End Semester Exam Ends
27-Nov-2023 College Reopens for Even Semester
28-Nov-2023 College Council Meeting
08-Dec-2023 Publication of November 2023 End Semester Exam Results
16-Dec-2023 Open Day
25-Dec-2023 Christmas Holiday
01-Jan-2024 New Year Holiday
15-Jan-2024 Pongal - Holiday
16-Jan-2024 Thiruvalluvar Day - Holiday
17-Jan-2024 Uzhavar Thirunal - Activity
22-Jan-2024 CIA - 1 Begins
26-Jan-2024 Republic Day
29-Jan-2024 Online Fee Payment for ESE Opens
08-Feb-2024 Last Date to pay End Semester Examination fees without fine
19-Feb-2024 CIA - 2 Begins
22-Feb-2024 Last Date to pay End Semester Examination fees with fine
08-Mar-2024 Release of End Semester Examination Time Table
11-Mar-2024 Ramadan - 1 Holiday
18-Mar-2024 CIA - 3 Begins
29-Mar-2024 Good Friday - Holiday
06-Apr-2024 Lailathul Qadr - Holiday
07-Apr-2024 Eid-Ul-Fitr Holiday
08-Apr-2024 Eid-Ul-Fitr Holiday
09-Apr-2024 Eid-Ul-Fitr Holiday
10-Apr-2024 Eid-Ul-Fitr Holiday
11-Apr-2024 Eid-Ul-Fitr Holiday
12-Apr-2024 Eid-Ul-Fitr Holiday
13-Apr-2024 Eid-Ul-Fitr Holiday
14-Apr-2024 Tamil New Year Holiday
17-Apr-2024 End Semester Exam - Part IV Begins
19-Apr-2024 Last Working Day
23-Apr-2024 End Semester Exam - Part-I, II & III Begins
03-May-2024 Central Valuation Camp Begins
08-May-2024 End Semester Examination Ends